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Community and Social Media Manager - NWY.1T

This program is offered in English.

The community and social media manager works on developing the community by participating in discussions, finding new customers and listening to the current ones.  He or she often works on new ways to engage the digital community and are often seen as advocates of the brand.  


Student profile

Offered during the day or the evening, this short program was designed to enable employees in Quebec businesses to perform tasks related to the management of online communities. More specifically, it allows them to prepare a communication plan adapted to various social media as well as manage business communities on social media.

Fonction de travail visée par la formation

The community manager is responsible for the animation of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google My Business. Responsible for writing, translating and editing calendars, he creates original and relevant content, aligned with the company’s objectives.

Among his/her tasks, community managers must publish, monitor, and moderate the company’s various accounts and potential competitors.

Financial Aid

Students in Quebec with insufficient financial resources to pursue full-time studies can apply to the Student Loans program from the Ministry of Education.


2 full-time terms 

Admission Requirements

Meet the following requirements:
- Hold a DES (high school diploma or equivalent)*;
- Demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of English;
- Pass the intake interview.

Course title

Community Management I
Community Management II

Communication Marketing and Social Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Photography and Photo Editing 
Video Production

Professional Integration Project

This program is offered in English

Competencies Acquired by Graduates

- To Develop a Community
- To Manage a Community
- To Plan and to Launch a Marketing Strategy on Social Media
- To Develop and to Apply a Communication Strategy on Social Media
- To Improve a Website Referencing
- To Create and to Edit Photographies for an Online Community
- To Create and to Edit videos for an Online Community

Job opportunities

- Social Media Manager

- Communication manager 

- Digital Marketing Specialist

- Advertising and Promotions Specialist

- Advisor, Social Media Strategy

- Analyst - Social Media

- Digital Communications and Social Media Officer 

- Communication advisor

- Marketing and social media specialist

Average Salary:

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Professionals (NOC 1123) usually earn between $19.00/hour and $49.23/hour in Quebec. Individuals who work as “advertising and promotion specialists” are part of this group.

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