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Through this program you will develop all the skills that will make you an outstanding salesperson.

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DVS 5821 - Professional Sales

Applications are open.

You will then be able to look further and consider positions with more responsibilities such as manager, sales manager, department manager… Believe in your abilities and give us the opportunity to help you grow by joining our program.

Module title

- Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process

- Establish professional relationships in the workplace

Interpret consumer behaviour

- Provide customer service

- Sell products and services

Perform sales-related transactions

- Manage their time at work

- Use job search techniques

- Begin acquiring professional sales experience

- Become familiar with the laws and regulations governing professional sales

- Provide after-sales service

- Perform sales-related activities in French (as a second language)

- Keep their knowledge of products and services up to date

- Perform stock management activities

- Perform visual merchandising activities

- Make connections between marketing strategies and sales of products and services

- Integrate into the workplace


Apply online: Click here

Financial Aid

Students enrolled in the Professional Sales program with one of our partners (CSSDA/CSSDM/CSSDR) can benefit from the Financial Aid Loans and Bursaries program with the ministry.

DVS* 900 HOURS — Duration: 9 months/60 units

(DVS : Diploma of vocational studies)

Offerred by CSSDA/CSSDM/CSSDR in collaboration with INSA.

For more information or to apply, please contact us at 514-699-0688 / 514-699-0689

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