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When you accept your offer, you are accepting the College’s overall Terms and Conditions.

Please note that Ecole de management INSA (School of Management) reserve its rights to cancel or postpone the program if a sufficient number of applicants has not been met, or for any other valid reason. 

International Student is conditional upon the reception of your CAQ (Quebec Certificate of Acceptation) and your study permit. All students are put on a waiting list until Ecole de management INSA receives a copy of the CAQ and study permit.

The complete versions of these policies can be accessed by educators and students of Ecole de management INSA on OMNIVOX and are available on request to anyone wishing to consult them. 

Institutional Policy on the Evaluation of Student Achievement (IPESA)

       This policy aims to guide teachers so that they may provide just, equitable and diversified evaluations to their students.


Institutional Policy on Program Evaluation (IPPE)

       This policy describes the standards upon which the principles, rules and regulations of programs at Ecole de management INSA are evaluated. 


Ecole de management INSA French Language Policy

       This policy reaffirms this institution’s commitment to the use of high-quality French by all members of Ecole de management INSA . 

Student Support Policy

       This policy reaffirms the importance of supporting students throughout their academic careers. With the goal of improving learning outcomes, the support provided by Ecole de management INSA focuses on offering help, promoting cooperation and finding solutions to the diverse problems students may face. 

Teacher Support Policy

       This policy was developed in order to foster a harmonious and stimulating work environment in which instructors receive adequate support in the practice of their teaching. 

Policy against Violence, Harassment and Bullying

       This policy aims to combat all forms of violence, harassment and bullying and mobilise all members of Ecole de management INSA in order to prevent and, hopefully, eliminate all such behaviours. 

Policy against Sexual Violence

       The policy aims to prevent and combat all forms of sexual violence in this institution in order to provide an environment where all students and staff members are treated with dignity and respect. 

Policy on Occupational Health and Safety

       This policy reaffirms our objective to ensure the health and safety of all those attending Ecole de management INSA and our commitment to promoting prevention when it comes to matters of health and safety.


INSA Management School

The complete versions of these regulations can be accessed by educators and students of INSA Management School on OMNIVOX and are available on request to anyone wishing to consult them. 

Academic Regulations

       -These regulations establish the conditions upon which students may be admitted to programs at INSA Management School, as well as conventions for the admissions selection, student registration and re-admission processes. 


Regulations regarding the INSA Management School Code of Conduct

       -These regulations define conditions favouring a prosperous learning environment, positive learning outcomes and effective personal development. Our goal is to create an open, stimulating, safe and healthy learning environment for those attending INSA Management School. 

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