Executive Assistant


École de Management INSA (School of Management) is the only private establishment in Montreal that offers this ACS program.


3 full-time terms 

including a 285 hours accredited internship

Target position

Occupying a key role in the structure of an enterprise or organism, the executive assistant’s responsibilities include supporting the executive staff, problem-solving and staff management. This person is also an expert in the production of documents.

Financial Aid

Students in Quebec with insufficient financial resources to pursue full-time studies can apply to the Student Loans program from the Ministry of Education.

Student profile

The Executive Assistant course prepares students to play an important role within a company or organism.


This individual is responsible for the efficiency of workplace operations and contributes greatly to creating a harmonious working environment. To thrive in this position, it is vital to demonstrate a superior sense of responsibility, to have strong technical skills and to develop exceptional management strategies.

Admission Requirements

Meet the following requirements:
- Hold a DES (high school diploma or equivalent)*;
- Demonstrate sufficient understanding of office technology;
- Demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of French;
- Demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of English;
- Pass the intake interview;
- C.V.


*Students must demonstrate that they have ceased full-time studies or pursued postsecondary education (DEP, College, University) for at least two consecutive terms (a combination of interrupted studies and postsecondary studies will also be accepted) since the completion of their DES. 

Competencies Acquired by Graduates

- To perform word processing operations
- To process and present data
- To communicate using spoken English
00UZ To produce English texts and perform English linguistic revision

- To produce French texts and perform French linguistic revision
- To use tools and services relating to office work
- To interact in various work situations
- To successfully enter the labour market and build a career
- To analyze the profession
- To create and operate a database
- To produce documents
- To solve problems
- To adapt working approaches to the particular features of the work environment
- To design and adapt office working

Job opportunities

Job opportunities:

Executive Assistant

Average Salary:
The average salary is $25 per hour. Individuals who work as Executive Assistants in Quebec usually earn between $16.00 an hour and $38.46 an hour.


These salaries apply to the entirety of Executive Assistant (Emploi-Québec Statistics sheet CNP 1222)

Source 1:

Government of Canada https://www.guichetemplois.gc.ca/

Source 2:

Emploi Quebec https://http://imt.emploiquebec.gouv.qc.ca

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