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2 full-time terms 

Target position

The community and social media manager works on developing the community by participating in discussions, finding new customers and listening to the current ones.  He or she often works on new ways to engage the digital community and are often seen as advocates of the brand.  

Financial Aid

Students in Quebec with insufficient financial resources to pursue full-time studies can apply to the Student Loans program from the Ministry of Education.

Student profile

Offered during the day or the evening, this short program was created to allow professionals currently working in Quebec enterprises to gain the skills required for completing tasks related to community management.


More specifically, graduates of this course will be able to develop communication strategies targeted towards social media as well as manage community interactions on their enterprise’s social media platforms.

Admission Requirements

Meet the following requirements:
- Hold a DES (high school diploma or equivalent)*;
- Demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of French;
- Pass the intake interview.

*Students must demonstrate that they have ceased full-time studies or pursued postsecondary education (DEP, College, University) for at least two consecutive terms (a combination of interrupted studies and postsecondary studies will also be accepted) since the completion of their DES. A student that has obtained their DES less than one year before the start of the course can be admitted if they can demonstrate that they have previously ceased full-time studies for at least two consecutive terms.

Competencies Acquired by Graduates

- To Develop a Community
- To Manage a Community
- To Plan and to Launch a Marketing Strategy on Social Media
- To Develop and to Apply a Communication Strategy on Social Media
- To Improve a Website Referencing
- To Create and to Edit Photographies for an Online Community
- To Create and to Edit videos for an Online Community

Job opportunities

Job opportunities: Advertising And Promotions Specialist

Average Salary:
The average salary is $28 per hour. Individuals who work as deputy directors in Quebec usually earn between $15.38 an hour and $50 an hour.


These salaries apply to the entirety of Advertising And Promotions Specialist (Government of Canada Statistics sheet CNP 1123)

Source 1:

Government of Canada

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